Sunday, January 21, 2007

Open for Business

Johanna Hyacinth Designs is now open. I still haven't rerendered the textures to match the new positions, but I'll get around to it once I muster the enthusiasm. (I hate having to redo projects, and if I put off opening the store until I get around to it, I might never open!)

Alas, the parcel's landing zone makes it more difficult to find my store (my old store's location was great: walk up the ramp right in front of you, last store on the left).

So now there are two ways to get there:

  1. When you materialize, walk all the way to the end of the hall, fly out the door, turn left, fly until you come to a similar door on your left, fly in, and I'm the first store there on the far wall (and if you come in this way, alas, all you'll see is a whole wall full of blank vendors which I haven't filled up yet).
  2. When you materialize, turn around, walk out the door, turn right, walk until you come to a similar door on your right, walk all the way down the hall, and I'm the last store on the left. But at least coming from this direction, most of the vendors hung on the window actually have products for sale.
However, I did IM the proprietor of the mall, and she promises to move the landing point to a spot between the two hallway entrances, so hopefully soon it'll just be "go in the door on the left and all the way down the hallway, I'm the last shop on the left."

I guess I'm going to have to work like mad if I'm going to fill up all those vendors... I'd put my PDA up for sale (it appears when you start typing, and you hold it in one hand and tap on it with the other), but I made it for me, and I'm a lefty -- so you hold it in the right hand and tap with the left. Which, since the default "wear" location (and most animations that involve hand-held objects) is the right hand, means that any time you wear most objects (like mugs and glasses, weapons, walking sticks, etc.), the PDA gets detached and you have to wear it again once you drop or detach the other object. (Even in Second Life, the rest of the dextrocentric world tries to keep us down!) Maybe I'll make a righty version of the animation, and let the script choose which one to play depending on what hand it's held in...

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