Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Lost Art of Communication

I was in an empty classroom, working on some visual aids for a class on texturing, when a shirtless, tattooed man walked in. The conversation was pretty bizarre.

Him: hi
Me: Hello.
Him: your the teacher?
Me: I am one of the teachers here at Rockcliffe, yes. :)
Him: make me a star

Now, I assumed that he was demanding that I produce for him a five-pointed star object. I have no problem helping people learn how to build objects, but being brusquely commanded to work for them, without even so much as a please, makes me ornery. So, with the old joke about "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" leaping forth from my memory, I deliberately misinterpreted him.

Me: What instruments do you play?
Him: giuttar at real live
Me: Well, the first step would be to start playing at clubs which have "open mic nights" in order to get exposure.
Him: and than??
Me: Well, assuming people like what you play, you'll eventually gain a following, and perhaps become a star.
Him: i think you teach me?
Me: I'm afraid I'm not really the person to speak to about that; I'm not a musician and have no experience with performing in SL.
Me: All the "stars" I see in SL have basically performed until they've gained a following.

Well, I thought I'd been deliberately misinterpreting him! But I decided to make sure what he really meant.

Me: Or was that not the kind of star you were talking about?
Him: where can i find the crime lorde here??
Him: i mean mafia ORE SO
Me: I have no idea whom you might mean. This is a university, not a Mafia stronghold.
Him: (teleports away)



Caterin said...

Heh, heh, heh. I love conversations like that in SL...totally surreal!

Great to meet you yesterday...and that necklace...wow!

Ged Larsen said...

Congrats on the store opening!

(I'm sure it'll work out just perfectly as your front for the Jewelry-making Mafia ;)