Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm not dead yet!

Okay, so I suck at blogging, apparently.

Actually I've had to cut way down on my SL time, darn it. So, what's been going on in the past ten days?

  1. I had my store almost completely set up and ready to go, when the owner of the mall it was in decided to renovate. Now, the purpose was to increase traffic for those of us on the second floor, since people rarely went up there (which I certainly can't complain about), and she did let us keep our same relative positions (well, moving closer to the front might have been nice). But unfortunately, the proportions and features of the new location are different, so I have to re-render all my textures. Fooey!
  2. I've started teaching classes at Rockcliffe University. It's a fledgling school (it just started up at the beginning of this month), and so far the curriculum is limited, but I like the founder's ideas and I would like to see it succeed. Right now we have four building classes (with a fifth hopefully debuting this weekend), but instead of the follow-a-recipe-by-the-numbers, here's-what-to-do-but-not-why kind of class that I've taken too many of, we're teaching what all the options in the Edit Pane do, and why and how you would want to use them. I'm also working on a series of classes to teach scripting, which has me very excited. Hopefully, we can get that course started in February.
  3. I met Ged Larsen, who (like me) found the existing necklace generator scripts a little lacking, and set to work building a better mousetrap. And what a mousetrap he's built! Whereas mine is slow and ponderous, but gets there in the end, his is snappy and full of mouth-watering bells and whistles.
  4. I downloaded the Open-Source Second Life Viewer code, but alas! it won't compile on my beautiful new 64-bit machine. Let's see, I can spend even more time out of Second Life fixing the code so that it will compile on my system, or just wait until some other enterprising Linux user modifies the code for 64-bit. Hmm, what to do, what to do?
  5. Yesterday, I finally came up with an easy way to demonstrate how Texture Offsets work, just in time to teach my first class on texturing. I'll have to take some screenshots once I get off work and put up a post on the issue.
  6. I had an awesome idea for a script this morning, which hopefully I'll find the time to write this weekend.
Okay, so I haven't really accomplished much. I'm such a slacker!

Also, on a completely random tangent: why is it that, when I'm on a dance pad and someone wanders into the casino when all the dance pads are full, I'm the person whose dance pad they sit on in hopes of bumping off? Every single time! Maybe I should make a mean-looking avatar for when I'm dancing.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you've been so busy, I eagerly look forward to the opening of your shop. I make jewelry in first life and I love the detail and attention you put into your designs.

--Tril Prieto

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you back. I hope you will continue writing the scripting tutorials. I am looking forward to No.4.

Kathen Ohtobide