Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Magic Barrier

While I'm getting my little vendor stall ready for its grand opening, I put up a "Coming Soon" barrier across the entrance — I guess I'm a little shy about letting people see my works in progress before I'm happy with the way they look. (Though I got a great compliment on it from someone yesterday, which totally made my day.)

Anyway, since the parcel's "landing zone" overrides the landmark I tried to set in my store, if I wanted to get through the barrier to work on it, I had to edit the barrier, set it to phantom, walk through it, and then set it to non-phantom again. And I'm way too impatient for that (in fact, just about all the programming I do at work is to make my life easier by automating the tedious tasks I have to do). So I wrote a little script for the door to set it to phantom when I merely touch it, and then turn itself back to non-phantom after five seconds.

But I was still too impatient, so I made it do its phantom thing when I walk or fly into it too. As it demonstrates the use of states, timers, and setting prim parameters, I figured it would make a good post for part 3 of my scripting tutorials.

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