Saturday, March 3, 2007

We're gonna have a party, yeah...

Tomorrow (Sunday), to celebrate the opening of our new sim, Rockcliffe University is throwing a party. Live music! Classes! A DJ! Dancing! Uh... more classes!

Stop by if you feel like it, check out the place, listen to some music, say hello if you'd like.

11:00 AM - Live music: Mel Cheeky
12:00 Noon - Live music: Flaming Moe
1:00 PM - Live Music: kaklick martin
2:00 PM - DJ Doubledown Tantino
Classes will probably be running throughout the day, but I haven't seen a schedule yet.


Caterin Semyorka said...

Will you be at Natalia's party? Hope to see you there as well.

Johanna Hyacinth said...

Alas, as a faculty member, I am pretty much required to be at the Rockcliffe party, but I'll see if I can slip away briefly to say hello.