Thursday, March 8, 2007

Easily Amused

I like to stay logged into SL while I'm at work. (Addicted? Me?) With friends in different time zones, it's nice to have the option of hearing the IM chime if they want to talk to me. But of course while I'm working in RL, my avatar just sits there doing nothing.

So I made a stone pillar with the "birth-of-venus" animation in it, made a set of skins with the same texture as the pillar, and park myself on it in the Rockcliffe University arts center when I know I'm going to be away for a while. Of course I still breathe and blink, and my name still shows up above my head, so it's obvious that I'm an avatar and not a true work of art like you can find at Second Louvre — but it's a more amusing (and decorative) way to go AFK than just standing there slumped forward.

On a completely unrelated topic, while the main grid was having asset-related issues yesterday, I logged in to the test grid and explored the sewers and tunnels of Nexus Prime. I don't know whether or not it's under active development as a game-within-Second-Life, but what I found there reminded me quite a bit of Deus Ex (which is still my favorite computer game, even all these years after its release). But with so many twisty dark passages, all alike, I'm sure I haven't seen the whole thing. Even the "always turn right" method doesn't work when you've got passages going up and down as well.


Caterin Semyorka said...

Oh, that is so wonderful Johanna, you never cease to amaze!

And Nexus sounds interesting...will investigate. C x

Ana Lutetia said...

Great idea! :)

Ged Larsen said...

It's a shame about the name and title text... I would think it'd be great fun to shock the heck out of people, when the "statue" moved :)

Ana Lutetia said...

that would be fun. LOL

Grazia Horwitz said...

You can also redo some system eyes in the same texture.. no blinking then.. and hide your name and tag in the prefs. It's an awfully good idea though! Ciao!