Sunday, December 17, 2006


Day 35

I tortured a torus into a spindly, curvy shape and made a simple rotation script in it — really nothing more than llTargetOmega( <0,0,1>, 10, 0.1 ) — and just for the heck of it, turned on the "Physical" checkbox to see what it would do.

It hit the ground, fell over, and started rolling away — and it was so spindly, I couldn't select it to turn off the script! I chased after it, madly right-clicking all the way, and it hit the edge of the sim and disappeared. A few minutes later, I was notified that it had been returned to my Lost and Found folder because it had dropped off the world, two sims away. (I wonder if there are any Wild West sims that could use some tumbleweeds?)

Next time I decide to play around with physical objects, I'm building a corral for them first — and minimizing the script window after I save instead of closing it, so I can uncheck the "running" box if something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

On a side note, I see that I've used exclamation points in just about every post title so far. I'm going to have to watch that, or I'll run out of them.


SLNatalia said...

Johanna, scripting is way above my head, but that is so funny! Only in SL can you have a runaway object :P

BTW, there is a Western role-playing town called Sigil...wonder if they need any tumbleweed... :)

Davan Camus said...

Hi Johanna, found your blog by random, googling for LSL shadows and such...

But I have a story about physical curly prims too!

Dangerous objects, indeed.

Johanna Hyacinth said...

LOL -- thanks for posting, Davan, at least that's one thing I won't have to learn the hard way!