Sunday, December 17, 2006

Earrings! And neuroses!

Day 35

Last night (and into the wee hours of this morning), I made a set of earrings from the Cheapside Hoard (actually, I think it may have been a pendant — I stupidly forgot to get a picture of the card saying exactly what it was, or include anything in the picture to give a sense of scale — but I think it looks great as an earring). When I make (or break down and buy) a decent skin, I'll have to take a picture with them on.

The little tiny rings linking the parts together are toruses, of size <0.020,0.020,0.020>, hollow 95, hole size X=0.25,Y=0.49, profile cut B=0.74,0.76, and a twist of B=180,E=180. It's the twist that lets them get so tiny — the profile cut leaves just the smallest sliver around the outside edge of the torus, and the twist rotates it around the minor axis until it's the inner edge.

Once I'd finished the earrings, I had to buy hair that showed my ears! On the other hand, I didn't have to upload a new set of textures for these, so I suppose I came out ahead.

It's funny that I'm obsessing about how much L$ I spend in Second Life; in real life I'm a total spendthrift. "I can't be overdrawn, I still have checks left!" Maybe I could do better at balancing my RL checkbook if I had a real-time display of my available funds in the upper right corner of my field of vision... I'm sure in fifty years, or whenever they finally develop brain-interface computers, people will be able to do that! And I'm stuck here using Excel like a savage!

Speaking of obsessing, I'm really starting to worry about the cross necklace; I don't see much religious symbolism at all in Second Life. Does it make me come across as a religious fanatic? Or am I just neurotic for even worrying about it?

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