Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shameless Vote Whoring

Now that the Mozilla library has been incorporated into the Second Life viewer, it strikes me that it might be possible for the non-working llSetPrimURL() and llRefreshPrimURL() functions — which were intended to display a Web page on a prim, but which (to my knowledge) have never actually worked — could be made to trigger a client-side retrieval of the specified Web page, which would then be rendered to a (local) texture and displayed on the prim, in much the same way that media textures are.

And since the page retrieval would be done client-side, it wouldn't cause any appreciable lag on the Second Life servers.

I've created a JIRA feature request about this. If you think it would be nifty too, please vote for it! Tell your friends! Tell all your alts!


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My dream enhancement to SL - Voted

damphlett said...

Another one I'd love would be llSetPrimHTML() where I could just inject some html directly generated from within the script.