Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fantastic Inspiration

In Spaceport Bravo is the most amazing build I've seen in Second Life so far: a detailed reproduction of the Apollo Lunar Excursion Module. I thought I was obsessive about detail, but the scope of this build just awed me.

Lora Chadbourne, the creator of "Snowflake" (as she calls it) tells me it comprises 2370 prims and took her a month to build. And it shows, from the bracing on the inside of the hatch right down to the prim bolt heads.

A view of the exterior, compared with a picture I took of the real thing at the Kennedy Space Center:

Looking in through the front hatch:

And the control panels at which the astronauts stood (again compared with the real thing):

Utterly amazing, humbling and inspiring.

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